Dyavappanavar - Valasang Educational & Academic Trust

Chetan Public School , Hubballi



The spacious,well-furnished library with its large number of Encyclopaedias,books for General Reading,Story-Books,MAps and Atlases,CD's and Cassettes, internet facility is a unique organ of the schoolThis Library is an institutional member of American Library and the British Council Library.

Maths Lab

Mathematics Lab is a special feature, the comparable of which is difficult to find in other Schools. The models and charts arranged here help the students to grasp complex mathematical concepts almost effortlessly.

Computer Lab

The latest gadgets needed for the Computer-lab with adequate number of units to make learning an interesting experience are installed here.

Langauage Lab

The latest and sophisticated audio-visual equipment with suitable software to enhance the students’ Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing Skills in English are provided through the necessary software and trained teachers. This Lab. helps the students acquire facility in other languages also.

Robotics and Astro Clubs

A unique feature of the School is that the students are given special training in Robotics. Telescopes, binoculars and other instruments are provided to the students to instill a spirit of enquiry in them regarding Astro-Physics and Space - Sciences. Experts from outside as well as Chetan College visit the School and train the students and teachers in these areas.

School Clinic

There is a School Clinic to extend First Aid, Health Check-up and other necessary medical assistance to the students.

Audio Visual Halls

Two excellently designed Audio-Visual Halls with the latest devices and CDs to help the students to discuss, deliberate and acquire new, useful skills are available in the School.


An auditorium with a seating capacity of over 400 and fitted with the latest audio-visual gadgets is constructed. The stage with a wooden board is so designed as to facilitate the students to exercise and develop their talents in dramatics, debates, quizzing, dancing etc.

Teacher-Orientation Programmes

The teachers are appointed through rigorous selection process to cope with the fast changing and widening vistas of the present knowledge-world. However, they have to constantly widen their mental horizon and upgrade their skills. With this end in view, constant and ongoing teacher-orientation programmes are implemented in the School. The help of the experts in the field from outside as well as of the internal faculty is utilised for this purpose.

Other Facilities

Keeping in mind the upkeep of the health of the students, a provision is made to supply clean and healthful water by installing an R.O plant at a cost of Lakhs of rupees. Adequate facilities to encourage sports and games are also made available. High Power Generators are installed to ensure uninterrupted supply of power.