Dyavappanavar - Valasang Educational & Academic Trust

Chetan Public School , Hubballi


"In-sourcing" and "Out-sourcing"

It is common knowlwdge that the student of Karnataka have all along lagged behind in the National Level Competitive Examination.This is so becacuse,even though our boys and girls are intelligent and talented, proper long-time planning and training have not been available to them.However in our school,this deficiency is remedied by "in-sourcing" or utilising the expertise and experience of the able faculty of Chetan Pre-University Science College,Who constantly monitor and supervise the academic and cocurricular activities of the school,while also imparting a different prespective to the entire process. There is also a kind of "out-sourcing" of educational process which the school utilizes by getting experts in the field of Science, Technology,Informatics and Arts from outside to address and intract with our students frequently .

These sources are available in addition to the expert coaching by the highly qualified and experienced regular teaching staff, Further the student will not need any private tution because sufficient coaching will be available in the school itself.The student trained here will have an edge over others in IIT Entrance Test and the like.


As the teaching is to go byond the mere syllabus,special and regular coaching is given for NTSE during 10th std. And for IIT Foundation Course from the 9th std.onwards.


Dyavappanavar-Valsang Education Academy has envisioned a holistic quality education for moulding the minds of youth, and it hopes that the parents will use the opportunity to ensure a brilliant future for their children.