Dyavappanavar - Valasang
Educational & Academic Trust


Dyavappanavar - Valasang Educational & Academic Trust

The D.V.E Academy is founded and managed by the trio, the trend-setters in modernist and innovative education in this part
of Karnataka.Their enlightened and fruit-bearing perspective has resulted in quality education.

Prof G.V. Valasang M.Sc.

Dr. R.R. Patil M.Sc. Ph.D.

Prof M.H.Dyavappanavar M.Sc.

D V E Educational & Academic Trustees

Prof. G. V. Valasang President
Dr. R. R. Patil Chairman
Prof. Mahesh H.Dyavappanavar Secretary
Smt. Surekha G. Valasang Member
Smt. Mangala M. Dyavappanavar Member
Shri Soumya G. Valasang Member
Shri Jagadish H. Dyavappanavar Member
Smt R.V.Valasang Member
Shri Vishwanath S. Torgal Member
Smt Kusuma N. Hiregouder Member
Shri Chandrashekar H. Dyavappanavar Member