Dyavappanavar - Valasang
Educational & Academic Trust

Vision & Mission


* To nurture, inspire, enlighten and mould the young minds.
* To train future citizens to be benchmark performers in the fields of Science,
   Technology, Health care and Industry.
* To guide the students in realizing and enhancing their innate potential to shape
   their own destinies.
* To impart value based education to the students to prepare them to shoulder their responsibilities.
* To be a world class innovator in Education.


* To strive incessantly to instruct and lead the students to excel themselves in a competitive world.

* To provide every opportunity to the students to develop intellectually, physically and culturally.

* To utilise the latest facilities and cutting-edge techniques to prepare the Students to face challenges of their

* To create a conducive ambience for the Teacher & the thoughts in pursuit of high standards in academics.