Dyavappanavar - Valasang Educational & Academic Trust

Chetan College Hostel, Hubballi


The Managing Committee

1) President of DVEA Trust President
2) Secretary of DVEA Trust Chairman
3) Principal of Chetan P.U. Science College, Hubballi Member
4) Principal of Sachetan P.U. Science College, Hubballi Member
5) The Chief-Warden Member Secretary
6) One Lady Assistant WardenDesignated by the      President. Member

Discipline Committee

1) The Chief-Warden -Convener
2) One Lady Assistant Warden Designated by the President.
3) Principal of SaChetan P.U. Science College, Hubballi

The Discipline Committee will take steps for curbing ragging in the Hostel and will report any incident of ragging or attempted ragging to the Principles and the Management of the Institutions immediately.

Steps Against Ragging

1) Managing Commitee, Principals and the Chief-Warden will take action against ragging immediately on their report or suo-moto.
2) The freshers should be encouraged to report incidents of ragging. Even being witnesses of victims is to be dealt with suitably.
3) When the persons committing or abetting ragging are not identified collective punishment could be resorted to as a possible      deterrent measure.