Dyavappanavar - Valasang Educational & Academic Trust

Chetan College Hostel, Hubballi

Rules and Regulations.

*   In the Hostel, College or outside the Campus ragging is strictly banned. Ragging is a serious cognizable and non-bailable offence under the      law and liable for severe punishment. Ragging includes display of noisy, disorderly conduct which causes or is likely to cause physical and      psychological harm or raise apprehension or fear, shame in student(s). It also includes teasing, abusing, playing practical jokes or causing      hurt to student(s) and asking a student / students to do any act or perform something which such student(s) will not in the ordinary course be      willing to do.
*   The Hostellers are required to give a declaration in writing, duly countersigned by their parents / guardians that they have read all the Rules      and Regulations of the Hostel, especially the warning against ragging, with care and full understanding. They will strictly obey these Rules and      Regulations and Warnings.
*   Indecent and unruly behavior of inmates of the Hostel will be strictly dealt with which may include expulsion from the Hostel. The deposit and      advance fees of expelled students will not be refunded.
*   All residents of the Hostel as well as day-boarders are required to carry valid identity cards.
*   All visitors’ to the Hostel including parents / guardians have to make necessary entries in the Visitors’ Book.
*   All the hostellers should wash their undergarments by themselves. However there is laundering facility to launder their clothes and linen.
*   Garbage and wastage should be put in the dustbins.
*   Students are informed to use water and electricity judiciously.
*   Student suffering from contagious diseases will not be allowed to stay in the Hostel.
*   Every case of illness and accident should be reported immediately to the Hostel authorities.
*   In case of illness, the resident-doctor will attend on the hostellers and, if need be, they will be admitted to a hospital.
*   In such an event, the Parents / Guardians will be informed, who will be required to bear the hospital expenditure.
*   Playing music / radio / record player etc. loudly to cause disturbance to the other inmates is strictly prohibited.
*   No function or celebration shall be organized in the Hostel without the prior permission of the Chief-Warden.
*   Students should not screen pirated / unauthorized / unlicensed movies / videos etc. in their computers / Laptops / Tabs.
*   Causing willful damage to the Hostel property will be strictly dealt with while also damages will be levied on the defaulter.
*   The Hostel timings for different activities and routine functions will be separately notified.
*   No notice, bills, placards, brochures. Fliers, pamphlets etc. will be displayed on the notice-board and elsewhere in the Hostel by the hostellers      without the counter-signature of the Chief-Warden.
*   Taking part directly / indirectly in any movement or agitation or strike by the students will be viewed seriously and will attract punishment. If      in the opinion of the Management of the Hostel such act is subversive, proper action will be initiated including rustication or expulsion.
*   Discussion of Politics and religion and gossiping is strictly forbidden in the Hostel.
*   The hostellers should not waste food while dining.
*   The visit of the men students to the women’s wing of the Hostel and vice versa is not allowed.
*   The hostel fees must be paid on prescribed days, and on failure to do so the hostellers will not be permitted to continue their stay in the      hostel, which matter will be informed to the Parents / Guardians.
*   The Management reserves the right to add more rules to the above in the interest of the safety, health, discipline and progress of the      hostellers.
*   Regarding any matter not covered in these Rules, the Hostellers will be bound by the decision of the Chief-Warden.