Dyavappanavar - Valasang Educational & Academic Trust

Chetan College Hostel, Hubballi


Dyavappanavar – Valasang Education and Academic Trust has carved a niche for itself in the educational sphere of North Karnataka with its top-rung institutions, Chetan P.U Science College, Sachetan P.U Science College and Chetan Public School. Its colleges have produced hundreds of toppers in JEE, NEET and CET, in the last one decade, who have joined professional Colleges and who have made a career for themselves. It is, therefore, quite natural that students from far and wide should aspire to join these Colleges. The onrush of the outstation students has also brought in along with it a problem-the problem pertaining to the residential and catering facility. There has all along been a persistent request from the parents, especially parents of girls, that a good hostel should be provided.

DVEA Trust has always believed that whatever project it undertakes should be of excellent quality. Therefore, it has established an excellent Hostel. The Trust believes “Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.”


The new Hostel is situated in serene atmosphere of Akshaya Nagar, Hubballi, far from the madding crowd. It is an ideal place for the students to shape their future.